Purchasing Marketing Technology - Key Conversations With Strategic Accounts w/ Lindsey Buxman

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This is a podcast episode titled, Purchasing Marketing Technology - Key Conversations With Strategic Accounts w/ Lindsey Buxman. The summary for this episode is: <p>They say that you can only really see where you’re going in the future if you take the time to understand your past...</p><p>We’re starting 2021 as we mean to go on, with a guest of real MVP quality. This week our fellow Cheetah Lindsey Buxman, Strategic Accounts Executive, speaks to Julian and Kayla about some of the common trends she has seen when working closely with clients and prospects throughout 2020. In particular, we’re looking at what challenges marketing professionals are looking to solve when inviting Cheetah Digital to be part of the conversation.</p><p>This episode can also be seen in two distinct parts. The first 20 minutes specifically looking at which parts of Cheetah’s Customer Engagement Suite have really taken hold over the past 12 months. In the final 10 minutes, Lindsey shares with us some hints and tips on how to be successful at developing relationships exclusively through Zoom, a dramatic change we’ve all had to adapt to and one that is likely to stay with us during the first part of 2021. All in all some tremendous learnings from the front line.</p>


03:00 - We start by exploring what sort of common challenges marketers and brands brought to us in 2020, challenges they hoped to overcome with the help of Cheetah Digital. With a variety of RFP’s quite often the initial request was often the tip of the iceberg. 

5:30 - The CDP trend in digital marketing was hotter than a lava cube being dropped into mayonnaise in 2020. Lindsey explores how this played out in the conversations she was having and how she approached positioning Cheetah Digital solutions. 

8:30 - What are some of the most interesting use cases that we explored with prospective clients, especially those that involved placing the Engagement Data Platform at the center? 

10:30 - When really getting into it with marketers, how does Lindsey approach tackling the challenges they are facing. Combining elements from a variety of our solutions or focusing on the product or products that will help them most technologically?

14:28 - Kayla asks about the importance of platform usability today when brands are considering which platforms to invest in. 

16:40 - Here we explore how Lindsey has been starting to approach conversations around Personalization

19:00 - In the final 10 minutes Lindsey shares with us some hints and tips on how to be so successful in developing relationships via Zoom. *Other video conferencing technology is most likely available.